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Conclusion of an agreement on a comprehensive thermo-modernization of the building in łódzkie province

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Do you know of a way to lower your heating expenses?


The first thing – using renewable energy sources

Using renewable energy sources to produce heat can significantly lower the cost of generating 1GJ of thermal energy. The reduction in cost depends on your existing way of producing thermal energy and the applied variant of using RES (Renewable Energy Sources).

We offer the full range of products and services in the field of biomass, thermal and geothermal energy systems. By using our services your decisions about investing in energy efficient equipment will be always right >>


Second thing – comprehensive building heating modernization

We have been in the business of complete building heating modernization since 2002. In our company’s early days, we catered for traditional thermal energy and heating systems. Our heating modernization offer is mainly aimed at public institutions like: hospitals, schools, boarding houses, council houses etc. We offer our clients the greatest optimal solution possible, which on one side gives you the financial benefits gained from implementing our systems and on the other, improves the overall aesthetics of your building. Therefore, in our company we approach heating modernization using the ‘2 x E principle’, meaning: Economical and Effectivity  >>

Third thing – modernization of heating installation

A few years ago, in a period when flats were centrally heated, it was clearly visible where the heat distribution network was. Now, the technological state of the heat distribution network is much better. However, there is still a lot to be done with the interior installations of many buildings. The modernization of central heating installations is the main issue, using modern radiators, proper electrical installation and recycling heat lost from ventilation outlets. Investing in the implementation of the systems mentioned above gives you significant financial savings that are soon reimbursed  >>