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Conclusion of an agreement on a comprehensive thermo-modernization of the building in łódzkie province

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Conclusion of an agreement on the arrangement of heat along with the modernization of the heat source in the group of buildings in the lodzkie province

The scope of works includes:

  • insulation of walls
  • replacement of window
  • insulation of roofs
  • insulation of walls
  • elements of land
  • reconstruction of external sewage
  • Electrical Installations
  • Automatic boiler for biomass along with the composition of fuel-wood chips and pellets
  • complete replacement of the central heating
  • installation of solar and DHW
  • installation of automation and control of boiler and solar installation

Volume: 18 902.36 m3

Usable area: 5 034, 90m2

Value of works 4.0 million