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Conclusion of an agreement on a comprehensive thermo-modernization of the building in łódzkie province

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Conclusion of an agreement on a comprehensive renovation and reconstruction of the buildings in Mazowieckie

The scope of work includes:

  • insulation of walls by BSO in an amount of about 17 000 m2
  • insulation of roofs ventilated by blowing pellets in quantities of approximately 5800 m2
  • roof insulation wool, along with the implementation of a two-tier coverage in the amount of tar paper termozdgrzewalna about 3500 m2
  • replacement for PVC windows
  • replacement of ironwork on the aluminum door
  • modernization of ventilation and air conditioning along with the installation process heat
  • modernization of central heating radiators with bidirectional exchange - including about 1,200 heaters
  • installation of solar collectors with a total area about 150 m2
  • heat exchanger

Building area of the complex of buildings - 10 778.0 m2

Cubic capacity building team -130 257.0 m3

The value of work: PLN 10.3 million PLN